Thursday, 12 July 2018

Easter Holidays // 2018

Trying to fox blogger is like pulling teeth.
These top two images are the same size, same quality. Yet one is clear and the other is blurred It's stressing me out so much and the main reason I stopped blogging.

Anyway, the Easter holidays were lovely, I worked three days in all so I had lots of time with the girls.
We went to a Peter Rabbit Party at Belgrave which had no Peter I'm sad to say.. BUT a Pony and an orienteering challenge which took us all over.
Then we went to meet The easter bunny at a Farm Park in Northamptonshire. I swear it has the BEST indoor play area I've ever seen. And homemade cakes which are a win for me.

Easter 2018

Easter morning began with Chocolate eggy soldiers.
We had a lovely Easter Duck lunch with Taid. Somehow the easter bunny always knows we'll be at Taids house!
The easter bunny got a little excited this year.. LOL mermaids AND Enchantimals!!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016


 I apologise in advance, this is a phone photo heavy post. It means a lot to me to have these little snippets grouped together.

Anyway.. December the 23rd. Christmas Eve-Eve. (Hella confusing for my niece Eve at age 3) 
I was meant to be working but Margaux and her crazy flu had other ideas. She was still full of mucus. It was pouring out of her eyes, nose and throat. But we had antibiotics, antibiotic drops and a truck load of hope.
I again ended up doing the Christmas food shop on this date (the worst day bar the 24th) Aldi was full at 8.55 - I had to wait 10 minutes for a parking space. But look at all of this for £60 or so!!!! I was like whaaaaaat! Both children cried the whole way around.. next year I'm pre-ordering the deliver three weeks in advance!!
 She's so naughty 🐱
While I packed away the shopping Molly wrote Christmas cards for our neighbours.
 Why have I never thought of a bauble bowl before??
Molly's requested 'buffet' lunch.
 Then I started on 'the pre-christmasy' blitz. Everything must be organised and clean come Christmas Eve. It's part of my favourite traditions. Margaux tried her best to 'help' in between snivelles and tears.
Lagging baby 💜 after a post-blitz charity drop off, we picked up some last minute brandy butter and ginger biscuit ingredients. 
So, I'm utterly gutted that Margaux was just too ill to visit Santy over Christmas Week. It was completely unexpected and Molly was such a good sport. BUT after picking up the brandy butter and collecting Jamie early from work I thought we might just have time to go to an evening grotto. So we left Jamie and Miss Snotty and headed for Tropical Birdland.. it was torrential. We got there at 4.30 and there weren't any grotto slots until 7! So we left. It broke my heart to hear Molly cry. I reassured her that she had sent her letter three ways, but she was gutted and requested a McDonalds for tea. I decided a late night of baking was in order, so we drove home and made gingerbread biscuits..
We ended the night snuggled in mummy's bed watching Arthur Christmas eating our creations while daddy went out with his friends. Margaux joined in and even had her own cookie! It really was such a magical night us three. It made up for missing out on seeing the big red suit. Sleeping next to Molly will always be the most relaxing. My deepasleepa pal.   

Sunday, 25 September 2016


We have a new family member, she's furry and shy. Jamie's sister found a little grey tabby cat in the middle of the road this morning. She was starving and needed homing that night and so we said yes! I've always wanted a grey tabby cat. It's no secret how tough I've found having a dog. I'm not a clean freak but he grosses me out so much haha. And the barking... anyway we said we wouldn't get any more pets until he leaves for his 'forever farm'. But she just fell into our laps and she's perfect.

Molly helped name her Hiro Bubblegum. She's just lovely.