Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Welcome to bbblogger.

Hello, my name is Sioned. I normally use tumblr, but I thought starting a blogger would get me a bit more motivated to get dressed everyday and experiment a bit more with my clothing. Aaand maybe even brush my hair once in a while! It's easy to spend all day long in jammies when you have a 9 month old to run around after.

A little introduction, I am 21(just turned..). I live in Leicester with my partner Jamie and baby Molly. I am a second year at DMU studying Literature and I love it. Currently my life is a big juggle between Molly, Jamie, UNI, my social life and all other things in between. Today, I am looking forward our mini break next week to New York!! Definitely in need of some relaxation. Plus Jamie's momma (aka Momma Roberts) is itching to get a weekend of Molly, so it's winwin really. 

Feel free to ask me questions, I will try my best to answer and I will be adding to my about me as time goes on :)

Sioned x

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