Thursday, 24 November 2011


Molly has an eye infection. (Although I took this photo a week ago before there was sign of any crust). And as it's Thanksgiving in America I'm seeing this as an opportunity talk about what I am thankful for, my princess Miss Molly Rose Roberts. Born 10/2/2011 weighing in at 8lbs 10. Porker!

I'm so proud of this little lady. She's nine months and so far she can clap, wave, sit up, roll, crawl and  has grown eight teeth! She has the biggest interest in life. And she wants to explore every little spec, 'sing' every note she can, everything is gogogo. Jamie was supporting her standing earlier and she started taking steps forward and giggling to herself. It won't be long until she's tottling. Gosh I couldn't wait for her to sit up, and now, now everything is just speeding by. In the last two months she's only fallen asleep on me twice. When it used to be at least once a day. I'm back at uni now and she spends two days a week with her childminder. That's two days a week I miss out on her journey. I hate that. Not that I don't feel lucky that it only has to be two days and I'm doing something I love and I know she's very happy with Vicky. But it still pangs each time I drop her off and she waves her mummy bye bye.

I'm so thankful, I love her so much. Her tiny toes, her big round belly, her rolls on her upper arms and thighs. Her dainty hands, her beautiful brown hair, her giant eyes. Just perfect. I'm so proud of my clever, funny, inquisitive, content little baby. I hope she feels that, I always visualize my immense love for her radiating off me towards her. Is that weird? It's just incredible and it shakes me to the core. And I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful that she is my perfect little baby. Miss Molly Rose Roberts.


  1. This picture is adorable :) She looks (and sounds) like a real cutie! Hope the rest of your weekend will be lovely!


  2. Thankyou she really is :) when I put her to bed earlier she rolled onto her tummy and started snoring before I'd even left the room. Massive cutie!
    Thankyou and you :)

  3. Thank you very much for the follow lovely :-) ! I can't find your follow button on here so I'll use Bloglovin'/find you on Twitter

    Have just been enjoying your blog and ogling your beautiful Tumblr too ♥ Really like your style and share your love of pretty things and tea. Your little girl is beautiful.

    Jem xXx

  4. Thankyou so much :) I adore your blog it's brilliant! And full of everything that irritates Jamie and pleases my eyes ehe! We have so many things I've thrifted that he calls junk. You've inspired me to arrange the house a bit better to make it more artistic.
    Thankyou she's definitely the most beautiful thing I've ever seen although I'm biased I did grow her!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend :) xx

  5. Such a sweet and well written post! And such a cute thing she is! :)
    I'll be looking forward to reading more about you & Molly. I'm not a mother, but I definitely plan to be someday, and reading about the love you have for her is really nice. Even though I don't have children I can already feel the love I have for them. The world needs more caring and sentimental mothers like you <3

    Glad to be a new follower :) I'll add you on tumblr too. :)

  6. Thankyou so much that's such a lovely thing for you to say :) I'm sure you'll make a wonderful mother, I like to think creative people are the best role models :) She gets cuter by the day Jamie says she'll get away with murder once she's a little bit bigger, it's those big brown eyes!
    Thankyou so much again I really do love your blog, you've inspired me to take up painting again, although I never seem to have the time! Maybe over christmas I'll have a go for our hallway of pictures. You should definitely do more DIY posts :) xx