Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fort Molly #2

I'm blogging from my sick bed. Ok I'm not sick.. just feeling pains only a hot water bottle, crumpets and tea can cure! I'm sorry this is a little late, but better late than never, Monday's hand-in was horrid.

Now that Jamie has a regular working schedule (as opposed to sometimes not coming home 'til 2am and working weekends!) I have come to really appreciate our evenings in to cook and relax, and our beautiful weekends full of family and baby fun. Here are some snippets from our weekend :) I hope you had a lovely one and this week is even better!! (I just realised I didn't get a picture of the whole Fort! Next time, I will and next time it will be even better, Jamie had a plan hehe)

(Mollys bed tuft is my favourite)

And a few from my iPhone. 

 Out to dinner with Mummy and daddy, the biggest jumper you have ever seen, Molly got back! And the first January frost but a nappy trip to Sainsburys, it was almost and emergency!!

I'm already excited for next weekend..


  1. So lovely! And Molly's little chubby arms are my favourite, please can i have her :(?x

    1. Hehe!! I think one day my friend Callum is going to steal Molly. xx

  2. awww such a cute family! and her pink jeans are adorable! xx

  3. Nice pics,your baby is soooooooooo beautiful!!! <3