Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Molly's Diary.

Mummy has been meaning to blog this for a while now for me, naughty Mummy. 
So basically, Mum has to take me to get weighed every few weeks to check I'm chubby enough. 
Last week she was running late because she was busy faffing with her camera (silly mummy still can't work out her iso's and shutter speed!) As you can see, I'm getting pretty good at standing. But we were just in time, and now at 11 months I weigh 21.8 lbs! What can I say, I like my food.
We then went for a walk to the park and I had a go on the swing, I liked it. But I liked trying to get my new trainers more. On the way home we met a dog called Molly, I liked her too. I hope mum and dad buy me a doggy soon. They're pretty cool.
Much love,
Molly x


  1. molly, you are the coolest little doll ever!
    your trainers are amazing! you're so lucky :) x

  2. Literally the cutest thing! she is absolutely adorable! xxx

  3. The last few pictures are super cute! I love her trainers! xoxo

  4. What a precious little girl you have there :)
    the swing pictures are so adorable.

  5. Wow. She is so adorable! I love her outfits!

  6. so cute! love it!