Friday, 6 April 2012


A couple of weeks ago Molly and I went to a carboot, I LOVE carboots but I've been watching a
lot of Get Your House In Order (a program about hoarders) and I'm terrified about ending up with
a life of clutter and never finishing my half done projects, so this may be my last car boot for the
summer.. or so I say. It was a rather disappointing trip however I am pretty happy with Molly's
racoon money box and the pretty spoons. The teapots are probably another 'hoard' buy but they
were very cheap- if anyones interested I have a paypal and you are more that welcome to take
them off my hands! They are very cute, an owl and a pussy cat. If my Grandmother was alive
she's of loved them!
Molly's not too keen on the grass on her skin, this is the first time since last summer she had felt it,
I'm hoping with a little persuasion she'll get over the worry. If not we'll be staying on the blankets
this year! The weather is still pretty miserable so she has some time to think about it.

Any tips to stop hoarding/get more organised with 'projects'? Haha!


  1. She'll soon get use to the grass again I'm sure.
    Your right though, the tea spoons are pretty xx

  2. I love car boots too! Great finds, your daughter is beautiful! x

  3. So great! Will you ship the teapots to Aus? If so, I can probably take 'em off your hands ;)