Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I Heart

So as I have mentioned quite a bit recently it's nearly student loans day and for all student's
it's a pretty exciting day, the minus accounts go back into the black and everyone is feeling pretty good.
So I've made a cheeky wishlist of what I might like to get to reduce me back to red status..
Harr harr!*

So as always fashion first I am completely in love with these boots and have been for a long
time- I could never afford them and even if I could the money would probably go on
a holiday/teeth whitening but ohh aren't they pretty!!!
And isn't the Free People dress a summer dream??
I'm kinda in love with these rocking chairs and found some on ebay!! 
Now all I need to decide is white or pale blue??
And of course our whole house needs re-decorating but most of all our room and I
think I'd like to begin with our bedding. I've found a nice set from Primark for just over £20
Super excited to make the place feel a little more calming and clutter free.

*I make these wishlists in fun and wouldn't dream of buying everything on them! I've had some pretty nasty comments on tumblr before about money, and I would never buy anything that was reduce us to living out of our means- we will always be able to pay our bills and cover Molly's bum in nappies!


  1. You have a lovely blog with so many inspiring posts! Thanks for sharing, would you like to follow each other?

  2. I think the chair is gorgeous!! :)
    *screw the assholes on tumblr, they dont know you!!

  3. Ps, I think you should get a pinterest for these bits! It's fab!!

    1. Ooooh I have one I have one!! Let me find my url.. http://pinterest.com/teaandsioned/ :D
      It's not very exciting yet.. whats yours?xxxx

    2. mine is http://pinterest.com/thislittlebirdd :D xxx