Thursday, 17 May 2012

Around here,,

I'm terribly sorry for my mini blogging break, I've been a little busy attempting a new venture
to help me pay for petrol! Haha. Lately it's all Making making making, babying babying babying!
I'll let you know as soon as I've set up my 'shop'. Anyhow here are some pretties I've taken in the process :)

Red Velvet for mummy and Molly. ESSIE is now available in Boots! Eep. And Hello Sailor my new favourite lipstick.
My attempt at growing herbs. Some new tea, I'm trying to get healthy after all the deadline 'binges'. Some beautiful boots and bag


  1. OMG. Mummy cupcake and a little baby one. SO cute!
    And I couldn't be more pleased that Essie is now in Boots! <3

    1. They we sooo good! The only reason I got one was so that Molly and I could have one each haha!! I know right- I love the bottles, though I won't be buying anymore for a while SO expensive!! xx

  2. Great photos. Love the colors and love your blog. cute!

  3. oh wow im so glad essie is avaliable in boots! love the new mac collection too, the packaging is so cute xxx