Friday, 25 May 2012

A Style Post,,

Another! I should get dressed more often, I was meant to go and get fabric today but I seem to of ran out of time, 
I hope tomorrow is more productive, I'm exhausted!
Largely I'm sure because I decided to paint my landing, stairs and hallway in three hours yesterday.
And Molly runs away at any chance of freedom.. I especially like her very serious, running away face!

I wear: Dress- Minkpink, Hat- H&M, Boots- River Island, Bracelet- DIY, Nail Varnish- ESSIE
Molly wears: Tunic, Knickers and Boots all from Baby GAP


  1. OHHHH <3 my favourite, beautiful pair xxxxx

  2. This is just lovely - you girls are beauts! xo

  3. I love your hat! And Molly's boots! xxx

  4. Such a beautiful set of photos my lovely :-) Your dress looks as though it was made just for you!

    Jem xXx

  5. Love the hat on you, looks really pretty and Molly is so cuuute!
    JS xx

  6. You and little Molly are beautiful!