Friday, 4 May 2012

Temporarily unable to blog..

So my posts are going to continue as few and far between I'm afraid until next Thursday as I go through the motions of finishing my second year at uni. One (three hour) exam, and one 3000 word essay down. Two assignments to go!
I’m feeling rather proud of myself today (which makes a change from my usual panicked mess around deadlines). I may of had a teen pregnancy, but I’ve managed to not let it set me back and I’m really proud to be getting my degree as well as tackling motherhood. It’s not easy continuing my education, and a lot of the time I get in a state and tell Jamie I want to give up and grab a job, any job that doesn’t require thought (I call this the 'academic wall' I've hit it a lot). But I feel as though I’m finally beginning to see it as rewarding and actually even enjoying it! It's not all fun and games, and a lot of the time it's really, really hard but if it were easy it wouldn't be worth doing. I hope one day I'll inspire Molly to never give up on something she wants.
So this is to my fellow student mothers: go us!! And this is to all of the mothers out there, you gave your body and your soul to create your children- be proud of yourself and your achievements. You are amazing. We are woman, hear us roar ;)

this is what revising looks like at my best friends' house..
It was a productive evening..

*Note we took over a hundred of these, expect to see more ;)
*Amrit and Hermione are missing :( sob


  1. Good luck finishing the end of your second year! I am doing the same and have 7 exams over the next three weeks! xo

  2. Good luck hun! You're a total inspiration! xx

  3. YAY good luck with the last two assignments beautiful! I may have never met you (YET) but I am super proud of you! And me! haha, bubba's not here, but I'm so pleased I'll be able to say I finished University & had a little baby :)!
    You honestly are SUCH an inspiration to me *soppy* (note, I've got tears in my eyes, I'm going to blame it on the hormones ok?)!

  4. Cute blog you got!!! Come see mine :)

    xo Emma

  5. Just discovered your blog, it's really inspirational. Good luck with your uni work, I have three three hour exams coming up, but I'm in my first year so as long as I pass! xx