Thursday, 10 May 2012


While I watch Coco Before Chanel in bed.
I had planned to go shopping today after I'd rang up 
places and people to pay bills etc, but then I checked my bank balance,
budgeted and decided to stay home..
-One of THOSE days.
Any job suggestions that leave our evening and weekends free?
-that pay me super lots to only work one day a week?
while Molly keeps her bond with the childminder?
(I couldn't bear to have her away from me any more, it's hard enough during term-time)
No? I'd better start making and selling.
This afternoon I'm going to brainstorm ideas and work it all out

Also, I love how these two have co-ordinated- Pink! is the colour of May it seems :)


  1. Hehee, it's Jamie's really! It's good for reading blogs, but annoying when you want to comment for some reason it isn't friends with blogger!! Maybe I'll get one when it's like the iPad 5 and the camera is super good or something :P xx

  2. We get so many home magazines at work, joys of letting them use our tiles in them! haha x