Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Be Still My Heart,,

This girl never ceases to amaze me. Her strength, her intelligence, her kindness and her beauty. You might think it's strange to see some of these qualities in a baby because lets be honest, children are pretty narcissistic. But throughout our days together she lets me know she loves me in little ways, an impromptu kiss as I'm reading to her, a spontaneous hug, the way she shares her food, almost violently and grins when I pretend to nibble. And best of all the love and delicacy she shows me when we share a cup of tea. Her beauty makes me stop whatever I'm doing a hundred times throughout the day just to stare at her, it's almost creepy, but I just can't get enough. I love that one day she will read this and know just how much I love her. 
But I want her to feel it too. To feel my tremendous love for her when I look at her. To know that when I think about her she makes my soul ache. It makes me well up to write this. She is my essence. My universe. My everything. All my best bits. I'm so lucky to be blessed with her as my daughter. I want her to always know that. To never feel alone. To never feel afraid or lacking. I want her to always feel full. I can't put into words my love for my daughter, my pride, my devotion. But I hope this is a start.
I love you Molly Rose,
Mama x


  1. This made me well up and I'm not even particularly maternal! What a gorgeous way of leaving a legacy of love for Molly to read when she is older :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. Beautiful - there are no words xxx

  3. This is so beautiful. She is beautiful too! x

  4. <3 you two are my absolute favourite, i never get bored of saying it, ever!
    I honestly cannot wait to feel this kind of love, I've heard it's amazing :)
    Argh, crying! haha, she seems like the sweetest little girl, the photos you post of her always make me smile :D
    Such a beautiful post <3

  5. I had a little cry at this, she's truly beautiful and fantastic and I can't help but want to cuddle her whenever I see a photo (one of these days I'll bump into you guys in town or down the road at the cann's and fuss so much!) - you're right to be proud and I think that bit of writing is something you should save for her in the future, something to give to her if she feels sad. xxx

  6. This is so lovely :) you are such a lovely mummy!
    I can't believe how grown up she is in these pictures as well, I remember when she was born!
    Madness :)

  7. Your daughter is such a cutie! It really is amazing how smart they get everyday and how fast they grow. Last night my daughter (who will be 2 soon) was playing with an app on my iPod and it showed a train and she was going "choo, choo" and doing the little conductor arm motion they do to honk the horn and neither me or her dad taught her that. I think it's safe to say you don't really know true love until you become a parent. I have no idea what I'd do without her now lol.

    Ok I'm done with my long random comment! ;P

    Love, Jazmyn

  8. Dammit babe, just made me cry!
    I am so proud of you and the amazing Miss Molly

  9. Jesus Sioned! You know I don't like kids but you and Molly are just too beautiful, you've thawed me out briefly with this one ;) x