Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Thoughts In Late September,,

HOW is it already the end of September?? This month has flown by. To think it was too sticky for clothes just a couple of weeks ago and now I'm layering up in jumpers and snuggling up to the fire. Madness. I have been preparing by airing our winter jumpers that seem to breed the smell of mustiness, and tucking away the summer items in any nook I can find. My summer plan of purging our house hasn't quite gone to plan. Our coat cupboard is full to the brim of things ready to sell, but I haven't quite got around to selling them. HM. Hear of any indoor sales please let me know :) I physically can't get to our winter coats!!

Molly is prepared with beautiful bootie slippers my mother kindly knitted for her and beautiful printed long sleeve shirts and shorts from Zara baby. We plan on being comfortable and snug this winter. I'm already envisioning our soon to be long evenings being full of music, snuggles, rich food and as many chunky candles as I can fit onto our fireplace. Goodness I've already re-arranged my undie drawer so that I can get to my thick socks and tights a little more easily at 6am. Alt-J has been my soundtrack of late and the more I listen to music the more I am trying to purge myself of television and remember what life was without it. I didn't own one for two years and was perfectly happy. My father didn't have one for years after he split up from my ma and I do feel as though it is just a huge time waster. I would much rather encourage myself to read more, write more, make more and listen to music more. Though I could say the same about the internet. Pinterest, blog reading and instagram takes up just as much of my creative time to the point I'm usually too inspired to actually do anything and waste hours looking at others work! But hey, one thing at a time right ;) I will update as I go on the tv front.


  1. i'm exactly the same about tv. i wasn't bothered about having one when i moved to glasgow, but my landlord provided one so now its just on all the time when it doesn't need to be! i'd happily just watch the things i want to watch online. cutest little winter essentials for miss molly. xxx

  2. I can't wait for real winter times... I've been told it usually snows in England, I hope it will be the case this year :) xx

  3. Love the little booties! Horray for winter cuddled up and warm! :) lots of love to you all xxx