Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A week and a half of Klaus,,

The dog, seems to be settling well. Toilet training is getting better and we all seem to be adjusting to the maddness that is having another responsibility. Klausman decided for a while his toilet was under the christmas tree.. regular spayings of Fabreeze seems to of got that notion out of his head for now. However I won't be risking any presents under there in case Klausey decided to add another of his own to the pile ;)
On babies and dogs. As 'dawgiies' are Molly's favourite things in the world, maybe seconded to Peppa 'Giggy' Pig, I didn't even consider sibling jealousy. If you have a toddler and are thinking of getting a dog it might be an idea to bare this in mind. I've been doing little things like making sure when people come to see the dog they make a special fuss of Molly first, which can be difficult since the dog is SO SMALL! Making sure that Klaus knows his place by feeding Molly first and giving her first choice to sit on my lap. We're getting there and Molly is getting better at not kicking him.. One thing to add is that they are NEVER, EVER in a room alone. Klaus isn't much bigger than her feet so I'm not so worried about him hurting her as the other way around but to be fair to them both as they are both children, it's just as well not to give them the opportunity to do themselves a mischief. It just wouldn't be fair. It has however encouraged Molly's speech, I think as a way of taking attention away from the pup, but all speech is good speech and she is now making her first 3 word sentences such as 'where doggy gone?' I am very proud. 
SO, what about Klaus' jumper ;) 
..He says thanks Grandma!


  1. i can't cope, so much cuteness.
    wow id have never have thought it would have sparked jealously at a young age thats interesting.

    Another gorgeous little addition to your beautiful family.
    gorgeous photos too as per xxx

  2. he's so sweet i think he's given me diabetes! i'm glad he's settling in well though, and it's nice that he's spurring molly on in her development as well as teaching her how to deal with another attention magnet haha! perfect little family xx

  3. he is the cutest little thing xx

  4. He's so adorable! What breed of dog is he? Xx

  5. Aww I'm glad he is settling in well - so adorable!
    Hope the toilet training is going well too - I'm sure I was the same as Molly was when my sister was born! Although I don't remember at all, my face in the photos tells a whole other story! So nice that she is developing her speech too, bet she sounds the cutest! What a lovely little family :) xo