Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Snow Day,,

Molly's snow day last year wasn't quite as snowy! Though my camera seemed to do better.. Anyhow, you'll have to forgive the blue nature of these, it's the best I could do with the software that comes with. How cute is that little hat??! This was before we got the lethal ice. Well it's all gone and yesterday we had lotss of rain. It feels like England again. I'm working today, doing homework this evening and then going out. It's a busy week, so if I don't blog again, happy Tuesday :)


  1. This is beyond adorable! x

  2. these photos are so cute!
    i love your jumper as well, mint and cable knit are a perfect mix
    glad you enjoyed the snow!

  3. I love you all. Please can I move in? Promise I'll be better behaved than Klaus xxx