Monday, 25 February 2013


"A portrait of Molly, once a week, every week, in 2013."

The little girl in the white t-shirt. That freckle is the most perfect thing I have ever seen on a human. I promise not to forget how precious you are to me. This week we will be thinking about a special little girl who's not very well, and remembering how lucky we are to have each other.

A day late, I apologise. Yesterday I was finishing off a deadline that today Molly helped me hand-in. It was quite lovely. Usually I take the pushchair so that we can go to the computer lab to use the printer, but as I managed to fix ours today (I'm feeling rather smug) we walked. I remember the first walk I ever took Molly on. We wore matching shoes, the sun was warm against the fresh spring breeze and it was perfect. Today felt very much like that. It's cold, bitter cold. But her perfect hand in mine fit, just right. I enjoyed telling her the green man code, and she repeated 'Geen meee'n goww'. Then as we got closer to uni she kept stopping and I thought she must be cold, so I encouraged her to walk faster then I realised, she may of been pushed along here a million times, but she's never walked this path. So I slowed down with her and talked about all the new urban textures she wanted to touch, brick, fences, moss patches (not for tasting), white painted pebble-dash, the glass fire escape door and so on. We passed the narrow railings on which I dared Jamie twenty pounds to walk along one merry (beer-fuelled) night what now feels like years and years ago and I thought about how much history we have in this area. A part of my life that will soon finally be over in May. On the way back to the car it hit me, one day I will be walking Molly to her University campus, and I will remember this moment. And then I nearly started to cry. Life happens. And it happens really fast. So I'll continue to catch as many of the little things as I can right here. Thank you for reading and encouraging me not to forget. 


  1. Sioned this is so, so lovely! I'm a massive ice queen but this actually brought a little tear! You're such a good mummy, Mollys a very lucky (and massively adorable!) mini person!

    Sophs xx

  2. Oh, such a lovely post!So beautifully written.
    And that freckle is adorable.. x

  3. This is perfect, the first walk and the way you explain everything to her is adorable, she is a lucky daughter, it really is one of the sweetest things to take the time to explain these things to you childrenxx