Monday, 4 February 2013


This is my make-believe cabin writing retreat pack. Sometimes I wonder into a daydream of where I might go if I could holiday to anywhere for a week. 
It would probably be Scotland, to the mountains in a warm cabin. This is pretty much what I take to uni actually so it's not that make-believe! Anyway, I love Alex' blog 'dreamsandjeans' and I've decided to give this a go while I have a little alone time with some tea and music. Feel free to answer your own in the comments or you blog or whatever- I'd love to see them.

Current location: Leicestershire.
Day job: Mother, Student, and working for a luxury jewellery and watches company.
Silly dream job: Freelance writer.
Favorite vacation spot: Italy.
Something on your bucket list: Visit India.
Starbucks order: Hot Chocolate, extra cream.
Last book read (+ enjoyed): A play, Jim Cartwright Road.
Something interesting about yourself: I value my alone time. I appreciated time to think before I got pregnant, but now I cherish it that much more! I don't feel lonely in my own company, I feel clarity.

Today's music: Jay-Z, Kanye West. ft Frank Ocean- Made In America.


  1. I love the idea of this, think I'll do this too, I'll link you when I'm done :)
    I think I've read that play, it's good from what I remember! x

  2. oooh, definitely going to be doing this! also, her blog is divine. xxx

  3. Visiting India is on my bucket list too, it's somewhere I've always wanted to go.
    Daniella x

  4. Definitely going to nab this idea for a post soon! will link back to yours too...
    I admire how you are so busy but seem content, I hope that when my sprog comes I can achieve this without burning out! x