Sunday, 17 March 2013

Money Matters.

I am very excited to announce that in the future I will be contributing to Sainsbury's Money Matters family blog. Of course I am currently tied up with 5 deadlines (and my dissertation) all to be completed within the next seven weeks stress is not the word, however here is their first guest post on my blog, with my own little take on driving style at the bottom. Enjoy :)

Driving in style – fabulous fashions for the road

The ever-changing shape of the automobile has inspired fashion designers to put their foot on the gas pedal and catch up with racy trends to grace the driving seat. Think of your dream cars from past and present, and chances are you’ll also imagine the best outfit to be worn behind the wheel. From the classics of the 1920s, through the sleek lines of E-Types in the 1960s, to modern supercars, there’s always been fabulous fashions to suit every motor.

Early Days
Motors like the 1913 Mercer Type 35-J (best recognised from the movie ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’) offered little or no protection against the elements. The gas pedal was on the outside of the car, there was no roof and the windscreen was almost nonexistent. Consequently, driving fashion was designed primarily to offer warmth and protection from the dirt and dust. Floor-length storm-coats made from leather or fur were a necessity for both sexes, and dusters (lighter linen coats) were preferred in the summer. Of course, even back then there was still room to accessorise with a variety of gloves, net veils and hats. Men tended to wear goggles and helmets, and women had huge, face-covering bonnets that were tied on to avoid being lost in the wind.

The 1920's
The introduction of cars with sheltered interiors meant keeping warm and clean were no longer the main wardrobe concerns. The elegance and functionality of the Art Deco movement was reflected in both cars and clothing. Cars like the 1927 Rolls Royce Phantom-1 were grand and glamorous. But fashion wouldn’t be outdone, and caught the eye with daringly patterned dresses, finished off with stunning hats and handbags.

The 1960's
The early 1960s witnessed the introduction of quite possibly the most iconic car of all time. The E-Type Jaguar has many suitors, but let’s cut to the chase and get down to the fashion. Fashion exploded in the 60s and many styles emerged which reflected the atmosphere of experimentation. Strapless cotton sundresses, exotic kaftans, colourful cocktail dresses and fitted coats with big button fastenings – the style was eclectic and imaginative, yet like the E-Type it was also precise and considered.

The Hepburn Effect
When it comes to driving in style, Audrey Hepburn takes pole position. Whether driving an Autobianchi Eden or a Mercedes Benz 230SL Roadster, she was unlikely to be seen behind the wheel without looking sophisticated. The classic pair of sunglasses with a hat or headscarf completely transformed every look, and has become iconic in driving fashion.

Whatever style of outfit you decide to go for, remember that being well dressed behind the wheel is one thing, but you're not fully covered unless you have car insurance that gives you everything you need.

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My Hepburn Effect wish list for Summer driving.

Very Roman Holiday I think!

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  1. So I love your blog and our blog was nominated for a bloggy award called the Liebster... You may have heard of it... I had not but after some research realized that it's a virtual compliment ;) So per the rules of the game we wanted to spread the love and give your space a nod because well that's what you do I guess! Love that you are studying abroad in London... I did that during my junior year of college and it changed my life!
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  2. Brillo blog Sioned, informative and inspiring. You are making me think about what the yummy grandma must wear behind the wheel on my journey to Pen y groes this Thursday. Something warm and yet exotic, my car is french after all ;) ...

    What an enjoyable read x