Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A Happy List

Today I found out that I worked my ass off for a 2:1 degree, and I am very proud. I'm not a very gracious 'winner' but I really thought I'd blown it. I really thought I'd messed up my dissertation, and to an extent I do still want to kick myself really hard for messing up my time-management over the last year (a lot). But, all aside, I am very very happy and I can breathe a little easier and sleep a little better tonight! I hate to say it, but Jamie was right. And I am going to allow myself to be stupidly happy about it. And DAYYYUM I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and it was all a dream because I've had four dreams that I've had a 2:1 over the last few months and woken up with dread each time. 

Other things to be happy about, not all but including:

- My grandparents are coming to visit tomorrow, I LOVED telling them my grades :) I do wish they lived closer.
- Molly's photo's arriving really really fast. I've printed 500 that span from her birth to about one and a half with a few from later on thrown in. 
- The prospect of starting her handmade album, I have enough photo's to make her a photo-a-week now yay!
- The dollshouse our kind kind neighbours gave Molly, its huge and wooden. I've started painting it and it's my favourite summer project. Molly LOVES it and started thanking us for painting it!
- Our weekends away planned over the next few months. Cheap and cheerful.
- Graduating. Though it's cost me £120 without even getting to the day! Fortunately I already have a dress.
- Molly's new slide (thankyou nanny and gangan- she won't go on it without saying thank you to them even when they aren't there!)
- Today in general, for an inspiring member of my much loved family.
- Running the race for life. I've never ran anything before so I'm really proud of us- bring on running club!
- Pinning inspiration for our forever home.
- My wonderful friends and family, for being them.


  1. Huge congratulations for your degree! Enjoy graduation, it cost so much and happens so fast so try and enjoy and remember it all.
    Such a cute post in general, Molly's dollhouse sounds incredible - post once it is finished?

    chelseyxlou.blogspot.co.uk xo

  2. Congratulations on your 2:1! Enjoy the celebrations :) xx

  3. Well done Sioned!!! You clever clever lady! You've achieved so much, you and your family must be so proud of you xxxxxxxxxx

  4. i love your outfit Sioned! And congrats to all you've accomplished :)

    andrea brionne

    (i'm doing a giveaway! ends this week)