Thursday, 25 July 2013


My lookbooks seem to only happen if I have Molly to pose with look how tall she is! Then again I am very little ha. I seem to only have two dresses on rotation this summer and this is one of them. It's so light I can have it handwashed and dried in just over an hour. Just what I need with a sticky baby and dog. Though if you're going to order it bear in mind I bought it in a size 6 and it's still a little too oversized to be 'oversized'. Don't ask about the shoes, my sandals and I keep falling out in this heat- blister central. Comfort for feet takes precedent in this weather. I've even had to retire my trainers- it's just too hot!! Molly and I are cleaning today.. I've had it brought to my attention that I am a slob. I already knew this I'm a reader not a cleaner but I really don't have a deadline related excuse any more. Plus I currently only work two days a week- that leaves quite a few days left to you know, hoover. Hope everyone's having a lovely week. And you're not spending sunny days cleaning ;) I wanna move already!


  1. I really like that dress & how you've photographed it. Its a bit like something from Free People (my favourite brand)xx

    1. Thank you! I am so in love with free people! Exactly what I thought when I saw the dress- that's the best compliment thank you :) xxxx