Wednesday, 23 October 2013


"A portrait of Molly, once a week, every week, in 2013."

I solemnly swear I will try my best to finish the last 10 week by week.. I say try ;) I'm not sure if I'll carry this on next year actually after all this effort to do it from Newborn stage with Molly. If only all my images were dated haha. OH my goodness realising there are only 10 weeks left of the year I see there are so many things I haven't done on 2013's 'to do'. But I've ticked off over half- let's see what I can do in ten weeks ey! 

This is Molly's boat. Ingenious! I promise not to forget your imagination at just two years old. It's just enchanting. I wonder what worlds you'll create and play in by the time you've doubled in age at four, let alone in adulthood. I think there will be some great works in you.

Molly's first best friend. I promise not to forget how gentle you are with Klaus (unless you're lying on top of him which can get a little less gentle). And the way you love to give him his treats and shout 'BOO BOY!' and 'good job doggy!'. I hope you take your compassion for sentient beings throughout each stage of your life.

Painting, every day. I'm glad I bought watercolours as well as poster paint. Staying at home is expensive! I promise not to forget the wild creativity that you are just discovering. I can't wait to see where it leads.

Always running, hair flowing in the wind. She's very 'Merida'. I promise not to forget each morning you grab my hand and say 'run run Mommy' and I have no choice but to run around our living room until I'm too tired and have to apologise. You are our rough and tumble girl. Don't ever replace that with silly expectations of what a girl 'should' be. You are absolute as you are. 

Molly's first hot chocolate. A whole cup to herself that is. She finished the cream before I had a chance to take the pictures. She is clearly my daughter! I promise not to forget this moment. It's why I photographed it. While you drank your first hot chocolate, we watched 101 Dalmations and snuggled up on the sofa after a long walk at Bradgate Park. It's these afternoons that I always imagined in my vision of family life. Muddy walks with the dog, getting warm in our pyjamas with hot chocolate and a film. I am so lucky to share this with you, my perfect girl.

My poorly girl. This was taken yesterday, when the cold was just beginning to appear. Her face changes when she's ill. It sort of puffs up. Her expressions change and her eyes seem full, ready to cry at everything and nothing. I managed to capture a happy moment amid the coughs and attempted nose blowing. I know it hadn't quite hit because today, I was not allowed to help her blow it at all, and it was a fight to get anything done such as pull-up changes done. I promise not to forget our nap earlier in mummy and daddy's bed. You snored louder than Klaus and all I could do was watch you. I never get to watch you sleep any more and there is nothing more precious to me than seeing you in a deep sleep. I wish I could bottle it up. Also, when you awoke you screamed the house down and as I tried to console you you told me 'NO MUMMY IT'S NOT YOUR TURN TO TALK' and continued to whale. I sat there and tweeted and just let you get it all out until you were ready for a hug. Poorly toddlers might just beat poorly babies. I'll remind you of this afternoon when you have children of your own.


  1. oh my word sioned, she is getting SO grown up and her hair is SO LONG! she's so perfect! xxxx

  2. She is absolutely blooming gorgeous. I think this is the first time I have ever felt truly broody. You write so well, it completely paints the picture of what she's like. I want to take a ride in her boat.

    Ellie | mantrapixie | x