Thursday, 28 November 2013

A little video..

As it's Thanksgiving in America and I've been meaning to do this forever I finally got together a video of a few of the clips I took of Molly from February 2011-Jan 2012. I wish I had filmed more but there we are. My family are what I am most thankful for :) This little one in particular. I apologise for the quality but I can't pay for Vimeo so I had to compress it quite a bit. I can't believe it's taken me nearly six years to use iMovie! I had also forgotten how much babies change in the first four months let alone the first year! It's so strange to think that this little person was my little Molly. She's so confident and independent now. I can't ever imagine her not speaking. We have to really watch what we say now which is new- I'm not used to censoring my conversations with Jamie. Anyway I hope you like my first ever video :) I'm so happy to tick it off the list of 'things to do'.

1 comment:

  1. This was lovely to watch! I have so many snippets of camera phone film but I can almost guarantee it'll take me even longer to get them into a video than it took you!
    So crazy to think your little girl was this small!