Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Home tour// Living Room.

We've been living in our home for over two years now, we had our offer accepted when Molly was just two weeks old and moved in May 2011. I always planned to do before and after posts on my blog but never got around to it. Over the two years we've rearranged everything a lot but I've never been happy enough to do the 'after' photographs. 

We decorated the living room the day we moved in. I still love the colours, green and slate grey, though I do wish I'd painted the fireplace white rather than the off-white which looks almost lilac against the grey. We still haven't put up any pictures despite my new years resolution, all we have is the canvas my sister in law had made of our hands for Christmas, so we really need to get some framed. 

We recently moved the televsion from the corner near the window to the wall opposite the sofa. This has made SUCH a difference. The room feels huge now! Molly now has her own play corner, which she thanked us all for when it was done, bless her. We're planning on getting her a play kitchen for Christmas (shh don't tell her!) to go in it. I'm so excited to see her little face! We're thinking that an arm chair might go nicely in front of the clock bookshelf which will cosy up the room a little more and create more of a divide between the play area and the seating space. I'd still love a rug, but I'm terrified the dog will 'mark it' so I'm holding out on that just yet. 

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I love it! And I feel much better about staying here now we've really made it home. But there are a few things I wish we had got done when we had a bit of spare money. For example I really do wish we had got wooden floors and a stunning rug before moving in, it would of made life with a puppy much much easier. Even though this was always going to be a starter home, two years is a long time to hate a carpet ;) Another thing I wish we had done was replace the old style boiler and heating system for a new combi boiler. By now it would of saved us a lot of the money it would of cost and it looks like we might need to do it as soon as we can save up the funds.


  1. Gorgeous! I really love your sofa nook and fireplace! The colours are gorgeous too - I always thought I'd be a cream wall everywhere kinda lady, but you have just prove me wrong! xxx

  2. This looks lovely, you're so lucky with that space under the stairs. I love your multipurpose clock too!

  3. ahhh, you're wee living room is SO CUTE! i hope there's going to be more to this home tour! ;) xxxx

  4. The ceiling lights are gorgeous! I'm looking for something similar for our living room, where did you get them from if you don't mind me asking?