Sunday, 22 December 2013


Walks in the 'Winter Woods'. I promise not to forget some of the little phrases you come out with, for examle 'it's impossible', 'I need a holiday', 'leave me alone', 'DONT touch me'.. the last one is when I try and hold your hand in big crowds ;) it's a fun one in public! 
Decorating the tree. There is nothing more wonderful to do on a December weekend. I promise not to forget taking you upstairs after decorating the Christmas tree to see your new surprise in your room.. (backstory: Molly had been saying that she was afraid of the dark so I decided to put up the star lights that decorated her first ever bedroom in our old flat) We all went upstairs to see what was waiting and I really expected you to be like 'WOW stars!' Instead I got, where's Santa? Where's my present!? I had to then explain that we had a full 25 days before Father Christmas came to visit, and the magic of the lights was all gone. Mum, the constant disappointment ha!
Sitting in the Steam Train on the way to see Father Christmas with her cousins. I don't think anyone has ever been so excited for anything, except maybe Will for his Pirate Ship! I promise not to forget how sleepy you've been recently.. the lie ins have been divine! The other morning we got you up ready for nursery and you begged to go back to bed- you're a bit like your mother in that department. And I agree bed is wonderful!
Molly's first cup of tea in her own cup.. she usually steals mine! I promise the other day while we were waiting for my car at the garage. You kept snuggling into me and saying 'I like you mummy'. Each time my heart shattered into a million pieces and the other lady waiting for her MOT coo'd at how lovely you were. I am very lucky to have you to take around with me. I do love doing things alone, but you make my loss of that completely worth it.

Oh my goodness, how has it come to the penultimate weekly portrait post (or catch up in many cases). I can't wait to look through the last years posts next week and see how much Molly's changed. Tomorrow, Molly goes on her first Nursery trip! It was a bit of a sore subject, I had missed out on the last parents tickets and I was having kittens over her going without me, however it's all sorted and we'll be going together! I am so excited! She's so little, the idea of her going out into the world without me shook me. When you have a baby it's like tearing out a hunk of your soul and saying 'here world, have this and do with it what you will' and it's terrifying. But at least this time I can go with and enjoy Molly's discoveries with her.


  1. Lovely as always, I can't believe a whole year has gone, and our Molly is getting bigger and bigger, good job Sioned!