Thursday, 5 December 2013

John Lewis Secret Santa

If you remember back in November (I can't believe it was almost a month ago!) I was asked to take part in John Lewis' Secret Santa challenge.. Well last week my parcel arrived and couldn't believe we had been gifted a

Molly was like whaaat is that for me!?? She was SO happy! My Secret Santa Emma had chosen it in order for Molly and I to 'make more memories.' The absolute perfect gift!! The note really touched my heart. She's been pushing her Dolly, teddy bear and baby fox around ever since. I actually had a moment when it arrived and was like OH GOD what did Molly order on the ipad by accident as I have been eyeing up a wooden pram since her second birthday, but could never justify it. I'm so happy! It looks stunning in our living room and will be something I imagine her children (should she chose to have them) will be playing with in many years to come. Isn't that such a lovely thing to think about :)

I chose for Emma an Alice Temperley cashmere scarf and I'm so glad she loves it! It looks utterly beautiful on her :) Most people wouldn't spend that much money on a scarf for themselves so I really hope it makes early winter mornings that little bit more special.

Thank you so much Emma, and thank you John Lewis for asking us to be part of it. I hope the gifts have inspired those who are rushing around doing their Christmas shopping.

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  1. Wow, lucky, lucky Molly. What a lucky girl, what a lucky Sioned (having that wonderful image of a future for you both enjoying the joy another little one may share in a toy handed down). Emma was right to pick such a gift that will create happy memories that endure and grow ... x

    Cashmere for Emma ... such taste Sioned, lucky Emma too!