Thursday, 23 January 2014

Fairylights for a homely space pt.1

I am so in love with fairylights. Ha. Jamie thinks our home looks like a fortune tellers shack (which I'm ok with btw). Anyhow the lovely team at lights4fun asked me if I might review a few of their sets- yesyesyes! So to kick things off I'm going to style a couple of sets upstairs. I don't think Rayna (the faux head) needs any decorating as she's pretty special but these battery lights have made our room that bit more cosy (it needs it!). It's prompting me to gut the room and make it more of a haven than a store room to sleep in.. The wire is really fine and easy to wind around anything- they'll be the perfect decoration for the next time we dinner guests! In fact they're a brilliant cheap set for wedding tables.
The next set are making our neglected hallway look a little brighter. I chose to put these beautiful roses on the rail. I loved the lights and tinsel up there so much at Christmas that these are the perfect spring alternative. And they look so nice when switched off. 

Next week I'll be showing off some new additions downstairs. I would absolutely recommend lights4fun* as they are much cheaper than the supermarket I normally buy our from (and much better quality than the ones I got from Amazon!).

*I was gifted the lights but my opinions are my own.

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