Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Adventure Farm!?

I love the Easter Holidays!!

It usually means a super fun day out or three with my home girl Chaz who currently resides in Abu Dhabi. Except this time she decided to go to India (B*tch). Luckily, my wonderful sister let Molly and I to tag along on a trip to Burton On Trent Adventure Farm whooo!

I was so sad not to be able to snuffle the lambs, but Molly made sure they felt enough love for the both of us <3

However the highlight of the day was most DEFINITELY the easter trail in the woods. For me and my sister it was the guessing game 'Moles 'Ole's. However I think the below photograph would say that the best moment for Molly was meeting the Easter Bunny, this was Molly's face when she saw her:

Could you just die!?

I've got that pregnancy fat face. AND I still need that haircut. But I'm also carrying my 'girls' so I can't really complain can I!?

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