Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Looking for floors.

We need floors. For the whole house. We didn't search for the subfloor before we bought the house, we just assumed it would be wood and tile. It's concrete. So we need floors. Not the end of the world. Less pennies for the bathrooms though.. that also need floors.

So I took Molly on a trip to look at hardwood, tile, laminate etc.
We thought we might have a picnic first. We initially drove to a local woods, but the carpark was full of cat-calling, weed smoking people.. I promptly told her the wood was 'closed' and we went to Bradgate Park. We didn't go far into the park, my legs are getting heavier and heavier. And my gosh it was hot. But we did waddle for ice cream after sandwiches and Molly rolled down the hill over and over. What's better than rolling down a hill? This girl of mine. I could hold her hand and wonder with her all day. Forget the house. Forget everything that needs to be done. Just me and my girl watching the ducks. Soaking up the sun. I just love you Molly Rose. I don't want to share this.

(She's not nearly as close as she looks in this one)

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