Tuesday, 20 September 2016

September Update: Wales, and Gummy

So on Friday morning (around 6am?) Margaux was cruising around our bed and she fell and hit her head. She cried and we thought it was just a bad bump, well bless her I look down a couple of minutes later and my top is soaked with blood. She had split her gums. Poor wee boo.  So I kept her at home and kept a close eye on her.

By Friday evening she seemed ok so I decided to continue with our plan to go to Wales Saturday morning for the night. It takes me a good three hours to drive to my hometown, but I couldn't let another Summer go by without a visit. Molly was so excited to run around the deserted beach. And Margaux ate half of the sand ;) I took some videos so hopefully I can get that edited before we go away next month!

Here's the video :)

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