Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas Crafting.

I haven't talked about it on here yet but my tumblr followers will know I'm pretty into crafting! This year I've decided to make some decorations, I got the idea for this simple wreath on Bleubird (my tumblr followers will also know she is my favourite). To begin I cut a rough circular shape bent it in half and cut out the inner circle to make a hoop. Considering it will hang in my living room and I used strips of my favourite Christmas paper, I probably should of used a template. But hey, it's homemade it's not supposed to be prefect! So I cellotaped strips of festive paper to four sections of the 'hoop' and made a central focus with my favourite deer at the top.

After adding wrapping paper to my roughly cut circle, I added festive fabric scraps and stuck some PVA over the top to secure it all.

I then added a 'Merry Christmas' sign from The Range (only £1! Bargain!) to the wreath with PVA and used old glass GÜ pots to secure it while it dried.

I'll hang up the wreath tomorrow on our living room door when we decorate. I'm very excited!! I plan to document the whole day as it's the first of many festive themed days for Molly's first Christmas!! Gosh, this time last year I was fat and eating mince pies and making dens in the middle of the lounge. Gosh I really didn't like that flat in the end. Feels like forever ago..

Just hanging out with my millions of magazines, cake and dvds in my pregnancy fort..

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