Friday, 9 December 2011

New York Baby!

A rundown:
Listening to Florence's new album on the way down was amazing.
I missed Molly so much I cried, a lot.
We sat in the centre row with a really cool guy, until I caught him cumpulsively eating his own eyebrows..
I was ill for the first 24 hours of our trip, yep, including on the plane.
We got ripped off on a coach service then taxi into NY.. I cried.
Our hotel was amazing and rickety and just off Times Square <3
I kept calling that cheesecake place Danny's, whatever it was called it was amazing.
Did I mention it was our first holiday!!! We go all or nothing ha.
Early mornings in Central Park and cheesecake at midnight.
Shopping way too much.
Regretting not visiting Brooklyn but falling in love with Soho - I would move there in a hearbeat.

Early morning walks in Central Park <3
^^ THAT dude owned that photo and I think he meant to :P
^^We really love Glee
New York, I already miss you..

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