Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Crafting #2

Last year was our second Christmas together, but the first time we decorated so we only bought stuff for the tree and not much else because we were saving all we had for little Miss Molly to arrive. Everyone knows babies are expensive. This year, (since April) we live on a very suburban estate of new builds, and the rest of the area have outdoor lights, but as we decided to spend our Christmas budget on a bigger tree, we won't be getting any outdoor stuff 'til next year, so I wanted to make the front a bit pretty with a more original wreath. I bought this willow heart from The Range for about three pounds, it had polka dot white and lilac ribbon attaching a smaller wicker heart inside. I took off the ribbon and saved it for a rainy day, and added a giant bell (£1 for 9 also The Range) and some red festive ribbon I had in my box of crafting bits.

Here it is on out front door (which I want to paint sage in the near future). What do you think? Have you decorated yet? Will you be making anything this year? I am very much looking forward to having lights lining our fascia next year lighting up the bell :)

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  1. looks gorgeous! Not decorating as spent too much on presents - christmas at my parents will make up for it as their decorations are always incredible!