Saturday, 31 December 2011

Our Third Robert's Family Christmas :)

So today is New Years Eve, and this is a little late, we have had a very busy but lovely Christmas week :) I didn't realise how many pictures we took until I had a look today, but at the same time I'm kicking myself for not taking enough! We never got a family portrait with Molly's Nanny and Gangan, but there's always next year and I got a tripod for a late Christmas present :)

Molly enjoyed the day but she was a little poorly so spent a lot of her first Christmas sleeping. But I do believe she is very happy with her gifts, especially her baby laptop! It hasn't left her knees! Takes after mummy then, hehe.

Here are a few snippets from our Christmas day. I hope you all had a good Christmas, and you're having a Happy New Year :)  


  1. Lovely pictures hun, Molly is so cute bet she had a great day x

  2. Thankyou :) she seemed to but her cough did mean she slept through a lot of it. She had an amazing time amongst the paper though!! Hehe! xx