Monday, 2 January 2012

Santa baby.

Again, quite late but I never posted about our presents and I did last year so let's not break tradition! Very lucky and very much spoiled again this year with a teapot from Ross. A Superdry hoodie, an amazing calender- a surprise from a craft fair we went to a few weeks ago and pjs from Momma and Pappa Roberts. Lindsay and the family gave Jamie and I £50 for dollars before we went to NY AND gave me the retro Carousel set from boots to open on the day! My grandparents got me some leather Vans, I love how much they look like mens shoes. Zoe was very naughty and spoiled me with this amazing chopping board and a beautiful evergreen sheer shirt, she knows me so well!! And Jamie got me the Maison Scotch notebook and necklace and moustache teacup from this lovely Etsy :) I shall be buying much more from Mr Teacup in the new year!
I also bought myself a pie dish for free in the half price boots sale, it was for free because I used my points collected from buying nappies! I plan to make a sweet pie first. I also was a bit naughty and got this skirt from Topshop which on my mothers visit earlier in the week, she took up to make into a short skirt, I shall be taking it up and down a lot I think because the print is just so wonderful.
Not pictured, my mum and stepdad got me a bollero, the heart shaped slate placemats I've been after(!!), a tripod and my brother got me a photography coffee table book :)

I think I'll save the notebook for a rainy day project. I don't want to waste it on useless lists. I don't wanna waste the ink in the pen either!!

I couldn't be happier with this tea cup, it's so pretty!!! As you will see here on Christmas day I used it for my morning tea, and I haven't used many other cups since. It's funny how a certain cup or mug will make you feel. I hope to spend more on Joanne's plates in the future as they will make me feel better about eating haha. Do you have a favourite teacup or mug?

I've really enjoyed seeing everyone else's Christmas gift sets, I hope everyone had a lovely time with their family and the end of the holiday season hasn't put too much of a downer on things. I personally am not looking forward to taking down my tree.


  1. Looks like you had a great christmas. love the maison scotch notebook. so cute

    Jess †

  2. Thankyou :) I can;t wait to use it I just don't know on what yet! I was very lucky, we spent the day with the Roberts family which was wonderful. Looking forward to next year when Molly is a little bigger and can understand :) Hope you had a lovely Christmas xx