Monday, 2 January 2012

My Sugar Plum Fairy..

Molly's room has been the bane of my life since she arrived! Well, since before she arrived because the spaces I've had to work with have always been small. This was her first Nursery that I decorated in our flat last January before she was due. It was beautiful, but then she arrived and as she was sleeping in her moses basket in our room, her lovely Nursery became the dumping ground for all her stuff. Who knew babies had so much stuff!!

Anyhow, this was her first room when we moved into our three bedroom new build in the summer. But although it was all painted and set up, I just wasn't happy. I now regret my choice of pink and I wish I'd painted (well Jamie had painted) it white and used her toys and pictures to add colour. So I think that will be one to add onto my summer project list. Her cot is now against the front wall of the house and I have added a few more little touches, like pictures on the wall, bunting, and my favourite her little shoes amongst her ever growing library. There is still much to do but here are a few snippets of her space.

I love Molly's crumpled nap face!

My current want for her room- vintage fawns. I love her storytelling tree behind them, each of the characters are puppets, I can tell we will have a lot of fun playing with these when she is a bit bigger.

Homemade Knits. 

 This was an old gold picture frame for £1, I painted the frame white and painted the mountboard with chalkboard paint.

These book ends were given to me by a nun when I was little. I love passing on my beautiful things to Molly, 

 Lots of nappies, a relieving sight for a mother.

Delicate feet.

There's a bit of a woodlandy toadstool theme to Mollys room that just seemed to happen after I bought her grassy rug pictured above. I'd call it her feature rug and I can imagine her playing with her toys on it when she is bigger which is why I bought it. On my to do list for Molly's room then
  • Paint her new shelves white and put them up.
  • Keep a look out for old crates to replace the shelves with to create a feature on her wall (I have been in search of some under £20 since the summer and just can;t find any so I'm giving up for now and putting up some flat packed shelves for the time being)
  • Repaint the walls white.
  • De-clutter.


  1. Very nice Pictures and amzing indentations!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog!

  2. Thankyou very much lovely :) xx

  3. Her room is beautiful and so is she!! I really love the colors of the room too! :)

    Love, Jazmyn

  4. Basically, I've just stumbled across your blog and LOVE it. Molly is such a cutie and you've made her room absolutely gorgeous! I want her wardrobe!! I really like the vintage fawns, I had some on my windowsill throughout my childhood and loved making up magical stories about them. xxx

  5. These photos are so adorable! You have made Molly's room absolutely beautiful honey! :) xxx

  6. Ahh thankyou so much :) It's my favourite room of the house at the moment! Just need to get my lounge to this standard :) xx

  7. your little girl is adorable and you have decorated her room so well. Love all the pretty little details :) xx