Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lusting Over Fred

I dropped off Molly at her childminders
(Molly cried after a week of not going, it broke my heart)
Then drove to UNI.

On my way back to the car I found Molly a dress for £1.75!
I'm going to dip-dye the skirt tomorrow,
as it's an acid wash I think that will look quite nice.

I came home and did some work whilst listening to Bon Iver, big thanks to Dave for giving me his new album, I'm addicted.
Molly cut her 11th tooth!
And for tea, Jamie made some pancakes. 
I'm now going to soothe my full tummy with a bath.
Perfect :)
It's been quite a lovely day.

Today I wore a super old Fred Perry dress I haven't worn in ages!! 
I was lusting over this the other night and rather than fork out on something new, I got this out the wardrobe and re-styled it in a bid to save some money haha!
Maybe next time I have some dollar I'll get my Fred Perry fix.
I look a bit silly on the desk but I have no clear wall background.
It must be something I think about when we buy our next house.. haa.

Dress- Fred Perry, Cardigan and Tights- Topshop, Scarf- Accessorize, Mac- Forever 21


  1. You look cute on the table, like a little pixie :) love the dress for Molly - your daughter is probably one of the most stylish babbas around!
    Milky xx

  2. I just came across your super cute blog this evening. You post some really neat photos, and you have some seriously cute style!


  3. lovely little post :)

    Suzi x


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  5. Lovely post, I love you blog!:-)
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  6. Wow this is a great outfit! You look amazing. Also I am very jealous of your hair colour!

  7. love the dress, scarf, everything. and your hair! sooo perfectly messy-something I've been trying to achieve for ages.

    found the route