Monday, 20 February 2012

Something For The Weekend.

This weekend has been a busy one.
I have mostly been doing this,,

And organising the house, with a little fun in Molly's room of course :)
I think it's my favourite space, I wish I slept there!!

Some of Molly's birthday gifts.

Molly and Daddy did this,,

I got some shots in front of Molly's Birthday Banner to go in her Birthday book! 
It may not of been on the day of her party, but she's in her birthday Leicester kit :)
(Her mullet brings me joy everyday, but I'm not sure how much she'll appreciate the 70's footballer jokes when I get these out for her first boyfriend!!)
Teaching her to high five and make American Indian calls is the best thing we've done so far..
-As well as say Mamma!! YAY!
Daddy has been a star this weekend looking after Molly while mummy types away.
I'm not going to lie, after todays hand-in I am very much looking forward to graduating.
I'm sure I won't be saying that when the world of work creeps up on me!


  1. djskfjdfklj i just want to cuddle Molly, she's the cutest! :D you've done such an amazing job on her room, i'm taking tips hehe. I'll reply to your msg soon, i promise!!!! xxxx

  2. So so beautiful :)! I wish I slept in her room too!! Xxx

  3. Good girl in her Leicester shirt!! :D

  4. Stick at it girl just think how much it will benefit her in the future!x