Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mint And Moustaches.

'We' don't celebrate Valentines..
We did our food shop instead!
But Molly and Mummy made daddy a card for his desk,
Mummy painted her nails to match,
And took a few photos.
Middle or side parting?
-Now my fringe has grown out I get to choose!

Here's Molly's first Valentines ever!
It all feels like it was yesterday.
What would I of said to myself this time last year?
Save some money.
Relax about the cake, you're not going to suddenly get fat.
Don't sweat the washing!
..but don't leave it for a week either!
Enjoy bed days, have more!
Sniff Molly and sleep next to her as much as you can.
Time really does fly,
Relish it.

(Shorts, Blouse, Lace Bodysuit, Shoes- Topshop, Cardigan- Superdry, Watch- Michael Kors)


  1. Definitely a middle parting, it looks absolutely beautiful on you! and you look lovely as per usual, you always have the most amazing clothes too - I adore those colours! xxxx

  2. I'm a fan of the middle parting too, you look stunning! xxx

  3. Loving the pastels. Those shorts look larvvvly! x

  4. Mint green brogues are so, so beautiful!

    Jem xXx

  5. Your nails look so cute! I love the outfit, especially the shorts!


  6. AH, the shoes! Amazing. You really do have the greatest wardrobe.

  7. Such beautiful colours! I can't believe I've never come across your blog before, it's such a gem!

    shabna x x

  8. I have these shorts too, they look amazing on you! absolutely love the brogues with them xx

  9. the middle parting really suits you! x

  10. eee you look beautiful!! :) the middle parting, the middle parting!! xxxx

  11. just found your blog! I am loving it so far, and the pastel colours (i need them all in my life)

    Suzi x

    p.s you look lovely with both, but the middle parting is winning it slightly

  12. Love that outfit on you! You're really pretty :) x

  13. You are stunning! I love this outfit so much! Those shorts are so nice & those shoes !!!
    Moustaches <3333

  14. your blog is sooo pretty! Love your moustache nails very Poirot ;)