Friday, 17 February 2012

The Party!

A little late, I have been very ill over the last week and previous to that my Macbook broke!!
It is however now fixed, so I can get on with taking account our life and times a little better :)

Molly's Birthday Party was wonderful.
I didn't get many snaps as I was so busy! And worst of all I didn't get a picture of Molly and her daddy!! OOPS.
My excuse is that he spent most of it in the kitchen hiding.
In fact I didn't get many family photo's at all so please forgive the collection. 
I've thrown in a couple from the decorating process and the invitations 
(most of which didn't get sent out!)
On another note my rainbow cake and Red Velvet cupcakes went down a treat- 
I can bake! Who knew!?
Molly coped so well, turns out she's quite the little party baby at one.
If the first party sets precedent for the rest, then we're in for a busy few years, next time I'm downsizing the guest list, or buying a bigger house!!

These last ones of my Nain are my favourite. I spied them in the background. Stupidly I didn't get a picture of her and Molly (She's Molly's Great Grandmother or Hén Nain) but I love how natural she is in these which is better than any posed picture. She tends not to smile in photographs, I don't know why because she is so beautiful. I don't know anyone who knows more about Literature and life than she. Molly, Jamie and I are lucky to have the family we do :)

A big thankyou to everyone who came and spoiled Molly, she had a great time.
Cheers to the next year!


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  2. I love reading about your family and Molly so much! The party looked really cute and Molly really is beautiful :) xxx

  3. aww this looks like such a perfect and cute party! xx

  4. haha is there a reason im black and white? it was a lovely day, you did her so proud, is there any chance i could get one of those invites as a keepsake? Love you all so much xxx

  5. These pictures are fabulous, looks like the party was great and that Molly had a great time. The cupcakes look so yummy too. lovely post x

  6. amazing decoration and baking i would say! its so sweet :)

  7. Your daughter is so cute!

    The home made decorations are lovely! :)



  8. You just about one of the coolest moms ever. Love your daughter! and your outfit too!

    found the route

  9. I hope Molly had a really great birthday, she is such a cutie :)

    I absolutely adore the invitations! I'd love a typewriter!
    I also love your top, lady! Where did you get it?


  10. This party looks like the most fun!