Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Family Breakfast.

Jamie went away this weekend for a friends birthday so
before he left we decided to go for breakfast just us three..

(Jamie hasn't got the best camera aim!)

We decided to let Molly stand with her breakfast which she seemed
to enjoy, I do feel sorry for her having to be confined in
highchairs/pushchairs/carseats. She loved the giant windows and being able
 to move up and down with her fruit loaf.
It also meant she could steal daddy's crépe's easily!
Cheeky girl.
I'll be doing a DIY for Molly's hair clip very soon :D
I've been a bit felt mad lately!


  1. Hair clip is so cute!
    She looks more and more like you every photo i see!!

  2. You guys are the sweetest :) xo

  3. I love her little "screw" face. So cute. x

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  5. Gorgeous pictures! You're all lovely!