Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Miss Mox Got The Pox.

Poor Molly has Chicken Pox :( I discovered a spot this morning on her 
forehead and when I took her to her childminders at 8am it turned out her playmate 
got them last night! So far they haven't been to bad for her and like the amazing
 trooper she is she hasn't let them dampen her spirits! I think she is super happy 
she's been able to spend some time with her daddy as he has been kind enough 
to take some time off work to look after her while I finish my last week at uni, 
exams and hand-ins are looming! I have 9000 words to write ASAP! Eeek.
Impeccable timing though to get the dreaded pocks while I get some time off.
I'm so glad I can really focus on taking care for her. Well done Molly!

She had a lovely long bath this afternoon to soothe her, you can just about see the big 
nasty pock I spotted on her forehead. A few more have appeared and I've been putting
 on some chamomile ointment as we go. We've been dressing her in nice soft clothes that
rub as little as possible and as soon as I found out before I drove home I grabbed her some
of her favourite snacks, a new toy to cheer her up and some special soft sun hats so that she
can spend some time outside with her daddy during their day together.

If you have any suggestions to help make this time as easy for her as possible I'd really appreciate
hearing them :) Thankyou.

Over and out from the Pox-Roberts household!


  1. I don't even know if this works, but my mum followed an old wives tale and made us wear something red to help them go quicker. I remember having to wear red knickers! Ha.

  2. aw bubba :( get better soon <3

  3. Soothing baths in anti-bacterial lotion and also I remember getting vitamin E oil from holland and barrett for my little sister - that really helped.
    All you can really do is soothe grandma always said that baths with porridge oats in a cloth bag, until it soaks in, then 15 minutes in the bath soothes well (apparently its what they did for me) - I'd google 'oatmeal bath' for that because I'm not totally sure how it works!

    Get well soon Molly, still looks beautiful as ever!!

  4. Poor Molly! Pox or not, she looks just so adorable <3