Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ten Things I've Been Enjoying Lately.

1. Family weekends, I can't stress enough how wonderful it is spending every evening with Jamie and every weekend together the three of us. (Prior to his current job his hours were unpredictable and there were just too many late nights for a family, I'm so proud of him).
2. A tub of cookie-dough a night..
3. Jamie's new glasses. Very sexy.
4. Taking a break from blogging, I apologize for my absence but I just needed to switch off my laptop for a bit. I'd recommend it to anyone who begins to find their blog brings more anxiety than pleasure. Hello to my lovely new followers, I hope to be back on schedule now. A breather was just what I needed :)
5. Painted nails, oddly they make me feel more productive and clean.
6. Waking up five minutes earlier and bringing Molly to bed for a cuddle with us. This has happened a lot recently and it's lovely, this morning was full of impromptu kisses! Usually I have to beg!
7. Letting myself be twenty-one. It's important to have a night out once in a while, no matter how old you are.
8. Visiting my sister in her new home. I'm so proud and happy for her, it's beautiful. A perfect house for a perfect family :)
9. Watching Molly play with her toys, she is so independent!
10. Finally, University. Feeding my brain and working towards something, I feel so GOOD when I hand in an assignment.

I have so much to write about I don't know where to start! But I also have an intimidating pile of washing, clean and dirty so I'd better hop to it..