Friday, 16 March 2012


During my blogger mini-break, I took some pictures of Molly and I one afternoon when we were bored. 
Stupidly I hadn't set the ISO, but rather than get upset I like to think they look a bit arty.. 
Jamie says they just look rubbish ha!

Either way they're going in Molly's scrapbook. 
I bought one for 'baby Roberts' when we found out I was pregnant.
I love the cover, it's from Paprechase, but the pages are black which I don't really like.
I stuck in her first scans and wrote little details in silver pen and I wrote her a letter when she was six months old,
I've pasted in a few pictures but I just don't like the black/silver vibe.
The only reason I started it was because I liked the cover.
SO what I might do is find another today with white or cream paper and type what I'd written previously on the typewriter and stick them in like that.
It will look nicer. And they'll be the same words, just copied out.
My sketchbook indecisiveness needs to stop, I talk about scrapbooking more than I scrap!

We're off to town this afternoon after Molly has finished her fruit lunch.
I need to re-enrol at uni for next year and get my new glasses! Eep.
THEN best of all we get to see Aunty Zoe! 
She is my heart, and she lives in Manchester so her visits are a treat.
I'm also wearing peach jeans!
Bright colours and lipsticks are currently making me very happy despite this awful weather.
I hope it cheers up soon.

Also, Sunday is mothers day! My second as a mother- how exciting!


  1. They are BEAUTIFUL don't listen to him! x

  2. So what ISO was it set to?!
    Please share! I think they look LOVELY :)

    1. 3200, the highest one, and I had my shutter speed at 10. Makes everything WHITE! Ahah. Ooops.
      Awwh thankyou :) xx

    2. I think that's the highest one off the top of my head? xx

  3. You two are so cute! and the photographs look lovely!

  4. Look at molly's little feet! She is such a cute baby!!! She is so lucky to have a great mommy!
    and I love the pictures! They are really cute<33333