Monday, 19 March 2012

DIY Camera Strap.

I've been looking for a nice classic leather camera strap for my camera,
but I still can't seem to find one anywhere,
And I kept dropping my canon!
So I decided I'd have to make one for myself using Jamie's old belt to avoid 
looking like a tourist/smashing the canon.


A sewing box isn't vital, but that's where
my small fabric scraps and pins are.
(I used the pins when I was cutting the fabric to fit)
Also, I'd recommend painting the red border before gluing on the belt and fabric
 as I made a bit of a mess of mine!!
Hindsight 20/20!

I'm wearing my new peach jeans from Tophop, Vest- Miss Selfridge, Shoes- Fred Perry, Hat- River Island.

I think it looks much nicer and I'm no longer in danger of breaking her!
Or alternatively I've seen a tutorial which covers the strap in glitter,
Or all in floral fabric.
Definitely better than looking like a tourist in your own garden.


  1. ahh this is so cute! if only I had a decent little camera to hang on the end of it haha! you look lovely :) x

  2. Love the peach jeans! Just last night I was thinking on making one for my new camera too, but didn't know where to begin. Thank you, you've inspired me :)

  3. ok love this, thank you for sharing! and your outfit is to die for! i am utterly in love with stripes lately!

  4. That's a good idea! Also your pants are too cute. =]


  5. i definitely need to do this! xx