Thursday, 12 April 2012

Summer is around the corner!

I've really been enjoying our time outside, and finally after all these 
April showers the sun has come back out!
It's a blessing having the park around the corner
from our home. Whenever Molly gets a little restless we can just nip out for a walk
and have a little play. Last summer I used to take her on the big girl swings on my lap because
she was too little on the baby ones. Then the lucky girl got to watch mummy do it
all on her own from her pushchair.. she found it hilarious honest!
Now I think she's just glad to have a whole swing to herself.
I love the three of Molly so much I plan to print them and hang them as a series
somewhere in our home. We still haven't been brave enough to hang anything
and we've been here a whole year, time to get hammering I think!

Note: I took these a couple of weeks ago during our incredible heatwave to see more follow us on instagram, search teaandfairylights :)

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