Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I am OHSO in love... with a jumper!
It totally reminds me of this ACNE version I posted about a while ago.
I can imagine I will be living in it layered over my spring wear
while it's a little cooler this April in England.
Lately, Molly and I have been spending a lot of time snuggling and enjoying warm
drinks under a blanket.
I hope you're all staying as cosy as we :)

The 'loan' comes in in ten days..
expect more jumpers!! And wishlists for Molly and Me..

(The jumper is from New Look the camera is my Diana Dreamer with an instax back)


  1. That jumper is gorgeous! I've fallen in love with mint too!! xx

    1. Honestly Alice- colour has just popped into my world lately! I blame Molly, but seriously, wearing something bright seems to cheer me right up!! xxxx

    2. Yes! I've always been a black and grey fan and then mint and light pinks seem so inviting! I'm shocked at myself! :) xxx

  2. Such an awesome colour! Mint and teal and coral lately have been my main crushes!