Wednesday, 20 June 2012


It's been a long week in our house, Molly is teething hard and yesterday gave up on napping all
 together! For a baby that naps 3 hours a day it was a LONNG 14 hour day. The 5.30/6am starts are 
pretty tough sometimes, as are the teething tears, however, today was a better day, I got dressed (though
 I didn't wear a bra or make-up, swings and roundabouts). And last night Chaz and I went to see Snow
 White And The Huntsman which I really enjoyed! Much better than Mirror Mirror, though HOW
 much is it like Princess Mononoke in the fairy forest!? And HOW much like Howl is the queen when
 she transforms back from the crows!? Something to consider..
SO, I took these with our tripod before Molly became a teething mess (at least these are the last two of a full set!!)
I kinda like them :) 
I love the face Molly is pulling at the chicken ;) 


  1. Sioned! I LOVE the bag hung up on your door! Where is it from??! You and bubba Molly look beautiful too of course!

  2. so lovely. beautiful.

    Hope the teething gets better soon!

  3. She's growing up so quickly! I love the mustache pillows :) Hope the teething stops! x
    Sirens and Bells

  4. gorgeous photo's! Having been through the teething joys myself with my daughter I feel for you both! :) x

  5. She's adorable! These are such perfect photos! xo

  6. Oh you are both so beautiful.

    Teething and early mornings are the pits. I hope she settles down again soon. I remember my little girl had about a week of no naps last year and it nearly killed me. She's picked it back up again now thank god, hope yours manages to do the same.

    I love your bedside lamps. Where are they from?

  7. totally in love with your blog...