Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fathers Day

This is one I took of Jamie and Molly on his first fathers day last year.
It's my absolute favourite picture of these two, it sits in my jewellery drawer because I'm too scared of losing my purse to keep it with me.
One year! Goodness. And one year later she still has the biggest eyes I've ever seen,
and one year later he's still the best Papa I've ever watched.
In her eye's he is the funniest man.
Her protector, the one to get her clothes on the wrong way round and it not matter, 
and she, she is just the apple of his eye.
To celebrate we enjoyed some dinner out, though I'm pretty sure Molly enjoyed it best.
And I am now in a small food coma watching old episodes of Lewis.
 So here's to many more Father's Days to come!
And many more handmade cards, early morning cuddles and daddy kisses(and punches)!

..And to my Papa, I miss you x


  1. Awwww you guys really are the sweetest.
    :) xo

  2. ahhh so cute! hope you had a lovely day :) x

  3. Happy Fathers day to your man ;)