Thursday, 28 June 2012


Wears for my day of thunder and dissertation conversation. And yes, I did kinda go for a Kelli Murray look today.. I just wish I had the ALDO studded shoes opposed to the Topshop Vectra's, and a white shirt opposed to striped! (I do in fact have a sleeveless white one but I forgot it existed.. another reason I need to get on with my ebaying) The weather's been a little crazy today- at one point the sky went black, we had hail as big as golf balls and thunder and lighting like nothing I've heard before! Molly was spending the day with her childminder and after my dissy meeting I had planned to get my hair cut(it's been six months!) however after I discovered a big fat parking ticket (I was 15 minutes late!) and then the weather went a little bi-polar so I decided it was probably better for me to be at home where I could get Molly more easily if need be rather than get stranded in the city. Apparently she loved the thunderstorm while I stayed indoors getting on with the cleaning and the washing (I have riveting times when Molly spends the day with her pals can you tell?). Oooh I'm so excited to get on with my work! I was actually late getting back to my car because I was in the library- I now have a book list as long as my arm. Today has been a good day today (minus the parking ticket.. and the fact my hair is now out of control long). Next on my to do list, get a hair cut!

Shirt, cardigan, studded bracelet, teeth necklace and shoe- TOPSHOP// Mint shorts- Primark// Arrow bangle- River Island// Glasses- Booth And Bruce


  1. you look lovely, the pastels really suit you! :) x

  2. So jealous of how beautiful you look all the time! Literally love every look you put on here! xx

  3. Oh my god I am in loveeeeee with this cardigan, I've wanted a long one for so long now but theyve always had long sleeves and looked like dressing gowns :( this is so delicate and perfect !

    Great outfit :)