Monday, 2 July 2012

10 Things,,

Hot chocolates in JULY!? Lately the weather's been hideous. Sunny one second, autumn cold the next. For someone who cannot bear to sweat it's really hard to dress because for at least ten minutes a day the summer sun arrives and melts me down to my pants before I'm shivering again! So I thought it was about time to do another 10 things..

1. Taking Molly swimming! We've not been really since last summer and since I'm not using my gym membership for much else we're swimming as much as we can :) Well, I carry her up and down the pool and she splashes a bit 'til she gets bored and we leave, quickly..
2. Jeans. I've gained 15lbs since Christmas, jeans make me feel skinny and I can appreciate the 10lbs that went to my ass.
3. Scarves, when the wind sets in I can just wrapwrapwrap away and I'm summer snug again.
4. My dishwasher, I don't know how mamas without them do it.
5. Molly saying Mama, it will never get old.
6. Jamie's job, snagged a beautiful sale Marc By Marc Jacobs watch last week! Saw it online daddy bought it home that night. Best job ever!
7. Doing a week's food shop for £45!! This shit never happens, last time I was trusted to do a food shop alone it came to £110! Good day.
8. 6am tea. Nothing beats tea at 6am. Not even that delightful hot chocolate. Unless it's at 9am because Molly had a lie-in (like THAT's ever gonna happen again!)
9. Cold Feet on itv player on sky anytime. I love sky anytime..
10. Aaaaaaaaand last but not least- MY BEST FRIENDS BIRTHDAY! Zoe's birthday is on friday and I'm spending the night with her and her fella in Manchester. SO excited (minus the fact I'll be two hours away from Molly.. Jamie will be in trouble if he breaks the baby!) Girls night (with Dan) !! Girls night (with Dan) !! Gonna get that lady so drunk she won't be able to get up off that toilet floor after her obligatory toilet floor picture (L)

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  1. Hi sweet lady! I found your blog through Scathingly Brilliant's and am SO GLAD that I did! I'm your newest follower! xoxo